Ivory Orbit

That we live in a world of multiple, concurrent realities is not a secret; but it is a truly alien universe one must occupy to have words and phrases like ‘business model’ and ‘user experience’ supplant basic ideas of human dignity. To have the words ‘gig economy’ fall out of your mouth, to have your […]

The Right to Dream

The freedom of being a child is the freedom to wonder. The freedom to passively explore. Freedom from demand, freedom from labor. The freedom of being a child is freedom in essence. There’s no greater feeling, no more crystalline a form of clarity. No one has tried yet to impose upon us a system or […]

Built-in Obsolescence

I want you to imagine a world in which you do not go to work. Work comes to you. Purchasing, buying, selling, manufacturing, everything, comes to you. You don’t come into the office, but take the office with you and leave it wherever you choose to leave it. There are no sprawling corporate headquarters, no […]

Mechanisms for Change

If you’re on the political left, and the last 8 years (and the results of the 2016 election) haven’t thoroughly gutted your appetite for good news, you were freaking out like me on June 8. Jeremy Corbyn, the Absolute Boy, did it. Against the predictions of all the pundits and pollsters, for all the purported […]

Motherfuckin’ Judea, and Other Stories

So, I was shitposting on Twitter when I got dragged for chiming in on a conversation concerning whether a philosophic, historical thread was inherent in the fomentation of the West as the modern world’s dominant material and political force. Huge statement to unpack in a series of 140 character soundbites, so I thought I’d sound […]

Hot Take #01: The Once and Future Trainwreck Presidency

This is the first in a possible series of posts in which I sound off on an almost entirely impossible or logically indefensible opinion in completely unvetted and unedited fashion for my own personal amusement. Today’s hot take is a simple comparison that I will shamelessly add to the mound of Russophobia currently trending in […]

The Peter Thiels of the New New Deal

There’s something strange at work in your soul (presuming its existence) if your only take on the upheavals of the new millennium, to date, has been that democracy and freedom are mutually exclusive. Then again, I guess that’s to be expected when the alternative you offer is to build a floating city adrift in international […]