I Will

I will run until there is no more earth beneath. I will run until the lightning strikes. I will run until the stars enfold. I will run. ~~~ I will run until I dance upon the waves. I will run until the clouds throw down their ladders. I will run until the sun lances through […]

A Thing That May Only Fall

I will never reach that summit. I will dance about its feet. I will show the roots who I am. I will know the crevice for the secret held. ~ What am I to do with all this oncoming? Black hearts, blacker tongues of wave after wave The water laps at a shore that never […]

Update 02: Newer, Broader Horizons…

…without having moved that far. I took a few steps and looked in the other direction. That is to say, I’ve made some changes. I recently moved for the third time in two years and not because I’m insane, I assure you. If you remember in my last update, the last place wasn’t exactly the […]

Records in the Dark over Market and Park

My Anarchist Pollyanna My girl too far, too near For whom I And she Was born too little And too late Like ships passing Not in the night, but Along shoals of years Across shoulders of giants Searching for rainbows Bridging the gulf And everything in between   Random futures are spake In the grooves […]


Small things Sing Small things Dance Little lights Wrapped around Big trees   We are climbers Across outlasted ruins But the Ruins Not their builders Not their Ruiners Well the Ruins They’re still There   What does that say? We put it up To ruins? Is that all we can hope for? To be ruins […]