The Tiniest Library

Below you can find all my published work to date. Which, as of this writing, is limited to just this one little volume. But! I’ve started work on the sequel and just wrapped up a collection of stories set in the same universe. I hope you enjoy and begin eagerly awaiting what’s to come.

There Is Life in the Tree and Death in the Well

The world is dying.

Magick has poisoned the soul of the land and driven it mad. The Sun God has been slain atop his throne, loosing a tide of blood and twilight across the skies. Aberrant creatures shamble out of the long forgotten dark to stalk the steps of humankind. This is the Pale Age of Man. In it, hope is a foreign word known only to a desperate few.

Arnem, an orphan in the crumbling city of Sulidhe, is such a one. For all his young life, he has chased the dream of becoming a monster hunter. It was the fire that nurtured his heart even as the world broke around him. But as his childish dalliances lead him to discover a series of mutilated bodies in the city’s canals, he is unwittingly conscripted into a conflict older than time.

Armed with only his rags and his wits, alone save for his three-eyed dog, Arnem must navigate the endless perils of the day to prevent an everlasting night. Plague ravages the city’s poor as its bureaucrats vie for the favor of their wizard masters; a secretive new religion is rapidly winning converts and influence, sowing discord amongst the established order; and the magickal wards that have protected Sulidhe’s walls for centuries begin to fail and sputter out. Fertile ground is laid for the rebirth of a terror out of Man’s earliest memories, the grim inheritor of a war in which the ancients thought themselves victorious.

A war between the life in the Tree and the death in the Well.

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