I Will

I will run until there is no more earth beneath. I will run until the lightning strikes. I will run until the stars enfold. I will run. ~~~ I will run until I dance upon the waves. I will run until the clouds throw down their ladders. I will run until the sun lances through […]

A Thing That May Only Fall

I will never reach that summit. I will dance about its feet. I will show the roots who I am. I will know the crevice for the secret held. ~ What am I to do with all this oncoming? Black hearts, blacker tongues of wave after wave The water laps at a shore that never […]


Imagine you are digging a hole. You’ve your shovel or your pick, your drill or your laser or your pet conqueror-worm. The earth disappears beneath you. Your progress is unfathomable and in another day’s time that progress will remain unfathomable. To have come so far, so fast. Then the familiar crunch and rasp of soil […]

Where Is Everybody?

Ok. State of the Union here. 1 book published, 1 book in the can, 2 nearing completion (I hope). A lot of revision to be done. And where am I? Not very far, but then I didn’t expect to be much farther. I *hoped* I would be much farther, but didn’t expect it. In fact, […]

Coffee in the End Times

(Illustration by Megan Tatem) At the risk of sounding pedantic, I want to sound off on something that has only just occurred to me. It involves waking up and smelling the coffee, but literally this time. When I was a kid–not a kid-kid, mind you, but old enough–the sight of coffee beans and the aroma […]