Basically, this is all about me. But what does that entail? Mostly I just write. Spec Fic, if you want to know. Speculative Fiction. For all you bozos. Where do I do this, you ask? From my home, slowly expiring as a mid-level civil functionary in Ohio’s best and brightest chemical wasteland. So, if you think about it, my chief use of time lies in marrying obscure historical facts to modern day failures in local government. It doesn’t pay enough. That means I always put the bullshit of wage slavery aside every available moment to write – and, well, that pays nothing. So I stay hungry. I stay on my grind. I tip-tap away at my typewriter and just hope what comes out of the feed doesn’t approximate total existential failure.
Please, sir/madame, before you go…
If you enjoy my work, I hope you’ll please bequeath me whatever pittance you can so I can keep the lights on and continue nourishing this mortal coil.

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