Keep Your Hope, Ye Who Enter Here

It’s Cool. We Don’t Need It.

Basically, this is all about me. Shane is my name, and I am a sweet and wholesome boy. It’s alright: You will come to understand this in time.

I am also a Very Erudite And Smart Person. (Disclaimer: I’m not.) So what I’m saying is: I’m a writer. It is as thankless a job as being a mid-level functionary in local government, which I also am. I have that misfortune. Neither pays enough.

Spec Fic is my choice vintage of unreality. Speculative Fiction, for all the bozos. I do this in the quiet solitude of only the best and brightest of the Rust Belt’s wastelands. This means refraining (daily) from seizing every passerby’s head and screaming for them to give me the access codes to Zion.

So I stay hungry. I stay on my grind. I tip-tap away at my typewriter and just hope that whatever comes out of the feed doesn’t approximate total existential failure. Come with me on this journey, friend. I have absolutely nothing of physical worth to offer you, but I promise you won’t be bored.

Please, sir or madame, before you go…

If you believe in my dumb ass work, I humbly request that you bequeath me a small pittance. I promise it will go to keeping the lights on and other various sundries.